In a world cluttered with falsehoods and diversions, many Christians grapple with uncovering, embracing, and living out their divine calling. The noise of misleading beliefs and past struggles often obscures our understanding of God’s plan for us. Are you seeking a shift in your life?


At Victory Island Bible College, we’re dedicated to guiding you on a journey to unearth your purpose through an immersion in God’s teachings. You’ll gain transformative wisdom while nurturing a dynamic, personal bond with Jesus. It’s through embracing His love and wisdom that you’ll experience personal transformation and impact the world around you.



It is with immense joy and gratitude that I welcome you to victory Island Bible College

We believe that every individual is uniquely designed by God for a purpose. Our mission is to equip and empower students, providing them with a foundation rooted in biblical principles, so they can confidently step into their calling and impact the world for Christ.

Here, our faculty and staff are dedicated to fostering an environment of learning, mentorship, and spiritual development. Our desire is for every student to encounter not just knowledge but the living presence of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Yetunde Eribake
President & Founder


What our students say

Attending Victory Island Bible college has been a transformative experience for me. Through engaging with Scripture, I have developed a deeper understanding of God's word and how it applies to my life. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to grow in their faith and knowledge of Scripture.

Lawrence Daniel

The training, guidance, and spiritual nurturing I received were pivotal in shaping my understanding of God's Word and preparing me for pastoral leadership. The teachings not only equipped me academically but also instilled in me a deeper passion for serving others and spreading the Gospel.

Odunayo Ojo

The depth of biblical knowledge I've gained here at Victory Island Bible College incomparable. But more than that, the supportive community and mentorship have helped me grow not just academically, but spiritually. I've discovered a clearer sense of purpose and direction for my life's calling.

Michael Adedeji

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Why Choose us?

At Victory Island Bible College, we are committed to providing a transformative educational experience that integrates faith, knowledge, and service.

We offer a range of programs catering to various callings within ministry and service. Whether it’s theology, pastoral studies, missions, or counseling, there’s a program to match your aspirations.

Practical Ministry Training

We emphasize hands-on experience and practical ministry training. Students have opportunities to apply classroom learning in real-world settings, preparing them for effective leadership and service in diverse ministry contexts.

Vibrant Community and Spiritual Growth

Join a vibrant community of learners where spiritual growth is fostered. Our campus provides an environment conducive to cultivating deep relationships, spiritual exploration, and personal transformation.

Academic Excellence Grounded in Faith

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Experienced and Engaging Mentors

We have experienced and passionate mentors that are dedicated to nurturing students' spiritual growth and intellectual development, offering personalized guidance and support.


Our Pastors

Pastor Yetunde Eribake

Senior Pastor

Pastor Adeola Eribake


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